Accent Color and Accent Lighting as Home Decor Essentials

Ported by Audrey D. Schmidt | 2 Comments | December 11 , 2016

Accent color and accent lighting are as crucial as the numerous products you use to cheer up your home decoration. Even if you choose browns and natural strong wood tones, a little bit of color has the tendency to be uplifting and distinctive. Here are some concepts on using accent color and accent lighting to make a distinction to any space in your house.

Living Room Home Decor

The home decoration used in a living-room has the tendency to be relatively standard. This is not constantly the case, but if you went to 10 houses, you would likely find their living-room to be provided typically rather than stainless-steel, chrome, glass and brilliant yellow decoration. It is possible to use strong oak, cherry and even mahogany furniture upholstered with standard brown, black and pastel materials consisting of leather.

Even the kind of deep blue or red upholstery that numerous want to use cannot be described as an accent color. Accents take place hardly ever, instead of as the primary being used for a design of home design. Here are some examples of real home accents.

Examples of Accent Color

For the function of example, let's presume that your livingroom is embellished with a white or pastel colored ceiling, neutral walls or wallpaper and a relatively typically patterned or self-cooed carpet. Your couch and chairs are upholstered in black, white or conventional brown leather, or in a neutral shade of material. To puts it simply, it's a relatively usually embellished and provided living-room.

You can then pick a home accent color to use a contrast. An accent stands out, and accent colors have the tendency to be vibrant yellows, reds or oranges. Even an intense blue might be used as an accent but is less popular. Where brilliant blue would function as an accent would remain in a space embellished with a yellow style. Because case, a brilliant yellow would match, and would not then be an accent color while blue may be.

Accent Pieces

Reds, oranges, and yellows are the most popular accent colors. Where should these appear? There are 2 kinds of accent piece, and while the significance of the word 'accent' in each is the exact same, the way it is used is completely various. One uses to a uncommon kind of furniture, while the other describes a vibrantly colored product that instantly captures your eye. Here are ways to use one accent to emphasize the other.

An intense red or orange vase including a contrasting shade of flowers is the best example. You stroll into space, and your eyes are instantly drawn to an intense yellow vase with a lot of stunning red asters. Or possibly an orange vase with brilliant yellow and white daffodils and narcissus.

Your eye is then drawn the accent furniture the vase is basing on - you cannot miss it now! A gorgeous sculpted Moroccan table with incredibly complex marquetry. By the just technique of using an accent color in an otherwise typically embellished space, you have been encouraged to appreciate the very best that this space needs to use.

Impressions count and your very first impressions of the space you have simply gotten in are very favorable. Whether this was the intent of the owner of the home, it has been extremely effective.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can likewise be used as an accent color to draw the eye to an area of a space. Let's use another example. You go into space at night, and the lighting is silenced. Lots of people choose soft lighting during the night to brilliant garish chandeliers.

Your eyes are drawn to an area lit just by a blue light. This may be blue lights on a table or directed blue lighting from spotlights. Because it is various to the lighting in the remainder of the space, you are naturally required to look at it. You then see a fantastic big aquarium tank filled with marvelously colored fish. Some have brilliant orange streaks along their sides, while others have a gorgeous fluorescent blue color, improved by the ambient lighting.

Home Accents Can Break the Ice

You are now drawn into exactly what the owner of your home may have meant. You appreciate the fish tank and it becomes a subject of discussion. A perfect ice-breaker! Without the lighting, you might or might not have turned your focus on the tank, simply as you might not have observed the Moroccan table without the vase and flowers.

Accent color and accent lighting are meant as simply that: to highlight something. To accentuate it. You do not use an accent color on your waste bin - but you do on top of your stunning Moroccan table! Or a fish tank to start a conversation with your visitors!